Nā Puʻuwai Integrative Fitness Center

Exercise is an important foundation of health. As a part of our Integrative Health Center, Nā Puʻuwai offers an integrative fitness center as a valuable tool to empower health and wellness of our community. 

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Nā Puʻuwai is fortunate to have a facility equipped to provide health, wellness, and fitness activities to our community that directly integrates with our overall health care programs and services.

In order to ensure that Nā Puʻuwai meets its mission of providing direct health care programs and services, our Fitness Center will reopen as a component of our Integrative Health Program with a primary focus on our participants’/patients’ health and wellness goals. As such, the Fitness Center is pleased to offer a structured physical fitness opportunity in which we will provide an annual initial health and fitness evaluation for all participants, followed by a 3 month assessment as part of your annual membership.

Nā Puʻuwai Fitness Center
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Nā Puʻuwai offers both strength training and cardio equipment to help all members achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Group Exercise Classes

Nā Puʻuwai offers a unique array of group exercise classes for all fitness levels.