Nā Puʻuwai
Integrative Fitness Center (IFC)

Our mission is to provide members and their ‘ohana with an empowering, culturally grounded environment to cultivate mana through fitness as a pathway to comprehensive health. Exercise is an important foundation of health. As a part of our Native Hawaiian Integrative Health Center, Nā Puʻuwai offers an Integrative Fitness Center as a valuable community resource to empower health and wellness.

About the Integrative Fitness Center (IFC)

Nā Puʻuwai is committed to our integrative healthcare model that nurtures not just the physical health, but also the mental, spiritual, and cultural well-being of our community. As a tool for health promotion and disease prevention, Nā Puʻuwai offers an Integrative Fitness Center (IFC) that is a valuable tool for our patients to prevent disease and promote health. 
Through our Integrative Fitness Center (IFC), we aim to integrate health, fitness, and wellness in one comprehensive location. Our goal is to approach health and wellness by leveraging our resources in creative ways while improving access and reducing costs for the community we serve. Our approach strives to provide culturally responsive and effective care delivered with excellence to meaningfully improve the health of those we serve.

The IFC has relocated to our main campus, Kūlana ‘Oiwi. With this relocation, members can now experience our enhanced integration of services with Nā Pu’uwai all in one, convenient location as well as exciting new membership options!

What We Offer

Cardio Equipment

Free Weights

Group Fitness Classes

Boxing Cage

Membership Types

Group Fitness Classes

Lawakua Fit

Lawakua Fit is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class at the Nā Puʻuwai IFC. Move through timed interval stations designed to consistently shock your system and deliver the results you want. Each Lawakua Fit camp is unique with circuits devised to improve your technique, strength and endurance. With every class you will become a better athlete and more functionally fit. Feel stronger as you live your life to the fullest. This workout may incorporate battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX suspension training, plyo boxes, kettlebells, medicine balls, free weights, and more.

Kickboxing Conditioning and Skills

Move through a series of seven 3-minute rounds, alternating between speed and power. Hit your core with extra attention before class ends. Get an extra rush from the energy in class. It’s second to none! Open to all skill levels and designed to be scaled. We welcome beginners and can challenge an advanced athlete. Grab wraps, gloves and meet your coach in the bag area!

Kūpuna Boxing

Join our Kūpuna Boxing class designed to promote fitness, agility, and confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment. This class is tailored specifically for seniors, focusing on non-contact boxing techniques to improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health. Discover the benefits of boxing while having fun and staying active in your golden years!

Athletic Stretch Class with TriggerPoint​

If you need to stretch more, then this class is definitely for you. Simple, athletic-based stretches, will elongate tight muscles and as you know, tight muscles increase the risk of injury. We use several methods of stretch (static, C.A.R.S., dynamic, and TriggerPoint SMR).

Muay Thai

Muay Thai consists of both attacking and defense techniques. Techniques will be taught and practiced including punching, kicking, elbows, knees, clenching and sweeps.  Muay Thai is more than just a workout; it’s a way to build confidence, improve health & fitness, and be part of a supportive community!

Kūpuna Core Harmony

Our Kūpuna Core classes incorporate the amazing benefits of balance pads to help our seniors stay strong, steady, and healthy. Classes will help seniors with improved stability, strengthen core muscles, better posture for reduced back pain, enhance cognitive function, and increase overall mobility!


604 Mauna Loa Highway Kaunakakai, HI 96748


         Monday – Friday          5:00am-7:00pm

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