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Traditional Healing Services


Lāʻau lapaʻau



Our traditional Hawaiian healing services are spiritually based and are used by individuals and families to heal both maʻi kamaʻāina (Hawaiian sickness) and maʻi malahini (post-contact introduced infections and diseases). Although there are many Hawaiian healing techniques and approaches, the primary 3 that are most commonly used today are: 

  • Lomilomi to improve circulation and range of motion, relieve stress and ease tension;
  • Ho‘oponopono, a traditional healing art to promote health and wellness for individuals, families, and communities; and
  • Lā‘au lapa‘au, which uses pule (prayer) and Native Hawaiian plants for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Nā Pu‘uwai is honored to support our Kūpuna Council (Native Hawaiian elders). Our traditional healing masters perpetuate Native Hawaiian healing knowledge, history, values, beliefs, spirituality and practices. Preserving these traditions protects and perpetuate the cultural integrity of these practices.


Kūpuna Counsel

Uncle Bobby
Aunty Silvia
Aunty Patty

Nā Puʻuwai Kūpuna Counsel