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PILI+ Program

The PILI Lifestyle Program is a culturally tailored adult weight loss program. We have enhanced the original program to include the use of Chef Health Coach Ikaika coaching which provides participants with the practical cooking skills to implement successful and sustainable dietary changes into their every day lives.  The program includes health education on diet, stress, exercise, and so much more! 

PILI stands for Partnership for Improving Lifestyle Interventions and is a Hawaiian word that means adhering or sticking to which is an important component of long-term, sustained weight loss. 

Enrolling now for next cohort which begins August 3rd, 2023!

To learn more, or to enroll in the class, contact Anuhea Beair at (808) 560-1060 or [email protected].

Kōpaʻa Pono (Diabetes self-management Program)

Kōpaʻa Pono is a 10-part community-focused program to support patients to more effectively manage their type 2 diabetes through integrative approaches, which includes an aggressive approach to lifestyle. 

To learn more, or to enroll in the class, contact Anuhea Beair at (808) 560-1060 or [email protected].

Hakuʻala (Chronic Kidney Disease
Care) Program

This program is for those 18 years old or over who have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. We provide a screening and care recommendations as well as a follow-up screening 2-3 months later. Via telephone, telehealth, or on-site visits.

Enrollment is from now until mid-July. 

This is a COMPLIMENTARY pilot program. Program participants will receive a complimentary gift card.

To register or have your of your questions answered, call (808) 560-3653 or email [email protected].

I Lana Ke Koko I Ka Mālama (Blood Pressure Management Education Program)

This program consists of two education workshops to help you manage high blood pressure. These classes will take place remotely over Zoom. 

This is a FREE program. Participants will receive a blood pressure monitor AND gift card.

To learn more, contact Autumn Dowling at [email protected].

To register, call (808) 560-3653 or email [email protected].

Puʻuwai O Molokaʻi

Food is medicine and Puʻuwai O Molokaʻi was developed to improve the nutrition of the Kūpuna we serve, many of which are provided breakfast, lunch and snacks daily. Our Healthcare Chef works with our Registered Dietitian to come up with locally inspired and sourced, nutritious and delicious meals with the goal of improving health outcomes.

Hanu Quit Tobacco Program

In partnership with I Ola Lāhui, this tobacco cessation program helps support individuals who would like to cut back or quit tobacco (including vaping).

Services are offered in-person, phone, or video.

FREE prizes including gift cards, shirt, and hydro flask

Call 808-213-4404

Email: [email protected]