Nā Puʻuwai's Webinar Series

Rewatch or tune in to the webinars that Nā Puʻuwai has put on about health, housing, COVID-19, and more.

Testing, Tracing, and Vaccine

Dr. Carlann DeFontes, Dr. Landon Opunui, and Dr. Bill Thomas answer FAQs and audience questions about COVID-19 testing, tracing, and the vaccines.

Food as Medicine

Join Molokaʻi’s Bobby Alcain, Sylvia Adams, and Patty McCartney as they talk story about kalo, uala, seasonal fruit, fish, and deer.

Preventive Medicine Approaches to COVID-19

Kananikala “Kala” Bishaw-Juario, Dr. Landon Opunui (Medical Director with Nā Puʻuwai), Miki Wong (Registered Dietitian with Nā Puʻuwai), and Dr. Jennifer Nguyen talk about preventive medicine and COVID-19.

Nutrition & Healthy Families

Join uncle Herbert Hoe, Harmonee Williams, Josh Pastrana and Nā Puʻuwaiʻs very own Miki Wong as they talk about the importance of nutrition, farming on Molokaʻi, and food sovereignty. 

Naturopathic & Traditional Hawaiian Healing for COVID-19

This unique presentation will be one of Hawaiʻiʻs first public discussion on supportive treatment approaches for COVID-19 prevention, treatment and recovery through the lens of an integrative medicine perspective including naturopathic medicine, holistic nursing and traditional Hawaiian healing. Two cases representing pre and post COVID-19 disease will be highlighted followed by a question and answer discussion